Kids say the darnest things

From ChessUnderground, we get a collection of quotes from elementary chess teams…

A bit of humor..

So today I was coaching one of my elementary chess teams. We had a tough day of “ladder” matches where students play those next to them on the weekly ladder to move up or down. The battles were very heated near the top as things had solidified and the stronger students were playing each other. Here are some comments I overheard during the club play that just cracked me up:

“…my empire… is nothing now…”
-R. after hanging his queen with his king in a deathly ill position near the side of the board.

“Queens check in…” Ro. then takes his opponent’s queen off the board with his bishop, “…they don’t check out!”

“…uhm… I made a big mistake.”
-G. sitting around looking at a position where he is down a queen, rook, and knight.

“I’m trying to give her her queen back but she just won’t take it!”
-A sympathetic Ga. who had relieved his opponent of nearly all her pieces.

“Coach, I’m controlling the d-file!”
-E., who had a queen and two rooks on the d-file. Her opponent had a king and two pawns left, and could be mated at any moment… but dangit, she owned that d-file!

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