back on the wagon

ok guys sorry i was away, but i was loaded with at the least 14 hour days all last week, but im back and even better, soon i will have my first vacation in over a year, which will give me time at home to tackle the heavy days of the circle program.. will keep you all updated!! thanks for the support!!


Minor Delay

Got into a minor delay in my program. Didn't look at the calendar quite right before I started the mini-circles, and it fell smack in the middle of a soccer tourney we're organizing and I'm working 16 hour days, so as soon as this is over I will dive back into it.


first "mini circle" drawing to a close

before i dove into the full fledged program i decided to do a mini version with 200 problems.. today is the last day of the first step.. last night for the first time i went 25/25 and was pretty proud of that.. i have identified one major problem i have which is pretty deadly in chess, being impatient.. to make matters worse, most of my play is online correspondence, where i have plenty of time to analyze.. that is the first area i will be addressing..
also, ive been playing around on a few sites, and i am still partial to redhotpawn.. maybe its cause i started there first, but i like the layout and interface..


moving along..

well i am continuing along on the "mini" program before i dive into the full version.. heres a pgn of the game i mentioned before.. im sure i had mates in 2 or 3 or 4 that i totally missed.. i tried to use chess publisher to load the game but the pieces keep disappearing and moving all out of sequence.. heres the pgn
[Event "XXX"]
[Site "http://www.XXXXXXXXXX.com"]
[Date "2006.12.21"]
[Round "?"]
[Black "PR4-me"]
[WhiteRating "X"]
[BlackRating "X"]
[Result "0-1"]

1. e3 e5 2. d4 f6 3. Bf1b5 Nb8c6 4. f3 d5 5. h4 Bc8e6 6. e4 Qd8d7
7. exd5 Be6xd5 8. g3 O-O-O 9. a4 exd4 10. Qd1d2 Qd7e6 11. Ke1d1 Bf8b4
12. Qd2f4 Bb4d6 13. Qf4d2 Bd6xg3 14. Rh1h3 Bg3e5 15. a5 b6 16. axb6 cxb6
17. Ra1xa7 Nc6xa7 18. f4 Be5xf4 19. Rh3c3 Kc8b7 20. Rc3c7 Kb7xc7 21. c3 Na7xb5
22. cxd4 Bf4xd2 23. Bc1xd2 Ng8e7 24. Bd2f4 Kc7b7 25. h5 Qe6g4 26. Kd1c2 Qg4xg1
27. b4 Nb5xd4 28. Kc2b2 Qg1g2 29. Bf4d2 Nd4f3 30. Kb2a3 Rd8a8 31. Ka3b2 Nf3xd2
32. Nb1c3 Nd2c4 33. Kb2b3 Rh8c8 34. b5 Nc4d2 35. Kb3b2 Nd2e4 36. Kb2c1 Rc8xc3
37. Kc1b1 Rc3b3 38. Kb1c1 Ra8a1 0-1