Russian Crazy Chess Killer

yesterday i posted a bit about madness and mental illness.. fellow blogger nezha asked why the sudden interest.. no reason really, but out of the blue i see this:

Friday Dec 15 15:12 AEDT

A Russian man dubbed the Crazy Chess Killer has been charged with 49 murders but failed to achieve his goal of 64 - one for each square on a chess board.

Investigators say Alexander Pichushkin has confessed to murdering 62 people during a six-year killing spree.

But they have only been able to charge him with 49 counts of murder because Pichushkin can't say where the rest of the bodies are.

He allegedly told police soon after his arrest in June that he planned to kill one person for every square on a chess board, but regretfully added there were a few "vacant" squares, and that he'd not fulfilled his goal.

Most of the victims were elderly men, with 14 bodies - including that of a co-worker Marina Moskaleva - found in the same Moscow park.

Pichushkin had worked at the same grocery store with Moskaleva and it was the discovery of her body on June 14 that led to his arrest.

Moskaleva had left her son a note with Pichushkin's number on it before she was found dead.

When questioned, Pichushkin boastfully told police he had killed not just her but 61 others.

The murders Pichushkin described stretched across various parks and other locations across the city, starting in 2000.

With little in the way of age, gender or career linking the victims, investigators say the only pattern they have established in the deaths is that they were caused by a blow to the head.

Alexander Kshevitsky, a Russian federal investigations official, said medical experts would decide whether Pichushkin was sane enough to stand trial.

He said many bodies remained unaccounted for.

"In a few cases, there aren't victims, but missing people," Kshevitsky said.

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