Cuba's Bruzon Goes to Semifinals of Mexican Chess Tournament

Cuba's Bruzon Goes to Semifinals of Mexican Chess Tournament
By Maryla García Santos

Merida, México, Dec 20, (P26).- Cuban Grand Master Lazaro Bruzon has taken another step in his aspirations to keep the title of the Carlos Torres Repetto in Memoriam chess tournament after defeating Germany's GM Alexander Graf.

Bruzon had to play hard in the match against Graf. The Cuban player lost the first game playing with black pieces but he won the second, and so they played 15-minutes games. Playing with whites, Bruzon beat Graf in 35 moves.

As he was totally recovered, the Cuban youth imposed his playing style in the definitive match, winning both 15-minute games. Such result permitted the tournament's defending champion to advance to the semifinal round, which is played today. This time he will face US Jaan Ehlvest.

Ehlvest eliminated Mexico's International Master Manuel Leon Hoyos, after drawing with him in the morning and winning in the afternoon in 53 moves.

The other Cuban that is taking part in this competition, GM Frank de la Paz, got a remarkable result by defeating the Netherlands number one player: GM Serguei Tiviakov.

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GM- Grande Merda said...

Ae cara, valeu mesmo por ter comentado no meu blog! Eu moro em Salvador, não tão longe de onde você mora.

Rapaz, fiquei louco com essa "carteira xadrez" que sua esposa te deu. Onde ela conseguiu? Estou procurando uma há semanas mas não encontro uma que preste!